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AdBlue Service Stations

4 in 1 Refractometer


Refractometer for testing the quality of Ad-Blue, radiator coolant, windshield washerfluid and battery acid tester. 4 scales in one tester!


Accessoire Gartec Special Nozzle for Citroen C4 and Peugeot 3008

AdBlue Service Stations

AdBlue Test paper strips


AdBlue Test paper strips, for 100 quick tests.  

AdBlue Service Stations

Cannula for AdBlue


Cannula for AdBlue, DN45, 10l, sw

AdBlue Service Stations

Connection Adapter AdBlue


Connection Adapter for BASF AdBlue Barrels

AdBlue Service Stations

Digital Flowmeter


Allows accurate counting of the flow rate to +/- 0.5%. Pre-calibrated and ready for use. The device is pre-calibrated. An automatic or manual calibration possible. This item is available in combination with the AdBlue Filling Station (HEMAB002). You can also purchase the flowmeter separately (for example, at a later date) separately.

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